Double Roll Crusher

Double roll crusher features small volume, large reduction ration, low noise, simple structure, easy maintenance, high capacity, uniform finished product sizes, low over-crushing rate, sensitive overload protection, safety and reliability. It offers 5 to 8 reduction ratio and capacity which is 1 to 2 times higher than that of 2PCM teeth-roller crushed.

Compared with similar products in China, our double roll crusher has distinct advantages. The crusher integrates screening and crushing together. Two roller feature fixed installation. They rotates relatively to form a rotary grizzly. Particles with targeted sizes will leave from the clearance between two rollers or the clearance between rollers and the corresponding lining plates, thereby finishing preliminary screening and preventing these qualified particles from returning to the crusher for further grinding. As a result, over crushing rate and energy consumption are reduced significantly. The crushing time of each roller is decreased as well, which contributes to longer service time of the rollers. Two rollers adopted are designed with different sizes and don’t mesh with each other. They revolve oppositely at different speeds. As a result, improve shearing efficiency and tensile fragmentation effect will be enhanced greatly. Motion of the rollers will also forcefully push smashed materials out, thus avoiding clogging and making the crusher suitable for treatment of sticky or high water content materials.

The crusher is suitable for many areas such as coal industry, metallurgical industry, mineral industry, chemical industry and construction material industry. It is more applicable for raw ore grinding in large-scale mines or dressing plants. Based on the characteristics of different materials processed, the crusher will be matched with thick rollers or medium rollers.

Technical Parameters
Model Roller Diameter (mm) Roller Length (mm) Maximum Feed Size(mm) Discharge Size
Power Motor (kw) Weight
450×500 450 500 200-500 15-100 30-60 5.5×2 3800 2260×2200×766
600×750 600 750 300-600 20-120 60-100 11×2 7200 2780×3065×1310
600×900 600 900 300-600 30-150 80-120 18.5×2 7800 4500×1900×1350
800×1050 800 1050 500-800 30-150 100-160 22×2 12600 2550×2050×1100
900×900 900 900 600-900 30-200 150-200 22×2 13500 2780×4100×1550
1015×760 1015 760 700-950 30-200 150-200 45×2 18800 7800×3200×1980
1200×1500 1200 1500 800-1050 30-200 200-300 55×2 52000 8010×4500×2050
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