Hammer Crusher

Application of Hammer Crusher
Tarzan hammer crusher, also known as hammer mill, is designed to grind various types of material into fine particles. The material to be ground should have a semi-hard characteristic and should comprise of light erosive material whose pressure resistance capability is less than 100Mpa and humidity level lower than 15%.
However, the machine can support the crushing of materials with a maximum compressive resistance of 150Mpa. Examples include coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, blocks, limestone, etc.

The PC-Hammer is suitably applied to both dry and wet crushing of semi-hard and brittle material in the mining industry, metallurgy, building and road construction industry, chemical industry, etc.

Operating Principle of Hammer Mill
The hammer mill uses rotors fitted with hammers to carry out its task. The rotors are made up of a main shaft, a disk, pin shaft and hammers. A motor is used to drive the rotors at high speed to facilitate the crushing of material. The machine has a feed opening which is used to insert the material to the crusher. Once inside the machine, the material is struck, pounded, cut and ground to small sizes by the high speed movement of the hammer. The materials are reduced to size as a result of the collision impact between the moving hammer and the materials to be crushed. A screening plate is fitted below the rotor so that the crushed materials that have reached a smaller size than that of the screen are sieved out leaving the bigger ones for further crushing. The screening plate can be adjusted to create the desired gap from the rotors according to suitability.

Detailed Description:
The hammer crusher can be used to crush materials of different sized to small particles of relatively equal sizes. Our hammer mills are designed to operate efficiently and can be applied to various semi hard and fragile materials including limestone, salt, gypsum, alum, bricks, tiles, etc. Among the industries that use the hammer mill include the cement industry, coal separation process, electricity generation, construction industry, manufacture of compound fertilizers, etc. These crusher machines are of various types to suit a wide range of applications.

The Main Features of Hammer Crusher
1. They are of various types.
2. It is suitable for crushing large, medium and small sized stones.
3. It is easy to operate and maintain.
4. They have a large capacity for high production.

As a hammer crusher manufacturer and supplier in China, Tarzan(shanghai)Machinery Technology Co.,LTD. can provide many crushing machines, such as cone crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher, ring hammer crusher, and so on. Our crushers have passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and SGS certification. They are recommended by leading consultants in the crushing field and are used by hundreds of customers in Vietnam, Bengal, Myanmar, Laos, Peru, Philippines, Iran, India and other countries.

Specifications of Hammer Mill
Sort NO. Model Feeding size (mm) Output size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Weight (t)
Model KW
Hammer crusher 1 PCφ400×300 ≤200 ≤25 8-15 Y160M-4 11 0.8
2 PCφ500×350 ≤210 ≤25 12-20 Y180M-4 18.5 1.2
3 PCφ600×400 ≤250 ≤30 15-30 Y180L-4 22 1.5
4 PCAφ800×600 ≤300 ≤30 25-50 Y250M-4 55 2
5 PCφ800×600 ≤200 ≤25 20-50 Y280M-6 55 2.6
6 PCφ1000×800 ≤300 ≤35 30-65 Y315S-6 75 4
7 PCφ1000×1000 ≤300 ≤35 45-80 Y315M-6 90 6
Circuit type hammer crusher 1 PCH0606 ≤200 ≤15 18-30 Y132M-6 30 2
2 PCH0808 ≤250 ≤15 30-50 Y280S-6 45 4.5
3 PCH1010 ≤300 ≤15 45-80 Y315M-6 90 6.5
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