Mobile Crushing Plant

Introduction to Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant
1. Mobile crusher, also known as movable crusher plant, crushes large materials and screens the discharge into required sizes and specifications according to the customer's requirements. The portable crusher can finish crushing and screening operations simultaneously.
2. It is applicable for mine, building materials, highway, railway and hydropower industries, etc.
3. Mobile crushing and screening plant provided by Shanghai Tarzan incorporates all the equipment together on one truck. Compared to other trucks, it has a higher chassis and narrower body, which makes it easier to transport the crushing plant to the crushing sites through the highway.
4. The mobile crusher makes it possible to crush materials on-site and transport final products directly to a motor-lorry.
5. Unlike the fixed crushing plant, the mobile crusher needs not to be reinstalled before starting to work. It can be put into use immediately and efficiently after its arrival to the designated place, even in uneven ground surfaces, thus saving time and money.

Composition and Working Principle of Mobile Crusher
Our mobile crushing and screening plant is made up of a primary and secondary crushing and screening station, belt conveyor, etc.
Two crushing and screening stations perform their own duties separately without disturbing each other. The belt conveyor is responsible for the transmission and piling up of material between each crushing station.

Features and Benefits
Our mobile crushing and screening plant has many advantages such as reasonable matching, reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption and so on.
Most importantly, its mobile nature enables it to crush materials in raw material locations or within construction sites.
Besides, our mobile crusher can carry out multiple matching, meeting the requirements of different products.

Specifications of Mobile Crushing Plant

Components Transportation Parameter Operating Parameter
Vibrating feeder
-length 3800mm
-width 960mm
Belt conveyor -standard type length: 9500mm
-lengthened type length: 11600mm
-width: 650mm
Length L1: 12500mm
width B1:2450mm
height H1:4000mm
chassis height H4:1720mm altitude difference between tyres and chassis H5: 380mm (double-shaft)
two tyres on each side Specifications: 11.00-20
total weight
standard type 37650kg
lengthened type 38000kg
Power of motor: 91.5KW
crushing capacity: 70-140T/H
charging height H3: 4500mm
Standard Machine
length of Machine L2: 13150mm
feeding height H2:2700mm
Lengthened Machine
length of machine L2: 15050mm
feeding height H2:3100mm

Components Transportation Parameter Operating Parameters
Vibrating feeder
-length 3800mm
-width 960mm
Diesel generator set -model: MP-180-4
-power: 225KVA 180kw
-weight: 2400KG
Belt conveyor
-length: 12600mm
-width: 650mm
Length L1: 14000mm
width B1: 2450mm
height H1: 4000mm
altitude difference between tyres and chassis H5: 380mm
chassis height H4:1720mm (double-shaft)
two tyres on each side specification: 11.00-20
total weight: 41100kg
Power of motor: 93.5KW
crushing capacity: 70-140T/H
charging height H3:4500mm
Length of Machine L2: 16300mm
feeding height H2:3300
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