Vertical Impact Crusher

Detailed Description of Vertical Impact Crusher:
The Tarzan Brand vertical impact crusher incorporates special features that help it to improve its capacity, quality and reduce its wear thereby reducing maintenance costs. Our crusher machine is of superior quality and satisfies both local and international standards. This machine is designed and manufactured by incorporating the crushing theory and technology used by the Barmag Company of America to come up with a suitable sand making mechanism.

This type of crusher is most suitable in the process of sand and sandstone making for use during construction and road paving. Our vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used for applications requiring the crushing of hard and crispy materials such as rocks, refractory materials, cement clinkers, grinding materials, quartzite, iron ores, concentrate aggregates, etc.
The end-product adopts a cubic shape with a high piling density and low levels of iron pollution. It is applicable to materials of both mild-hardness and high hardness. The machine has the advantage of being environmental friendly, does not produce a lot of dust, and produces low sound levels below 75 decibels.

Working Principle of Vertical Impact Crusher:
In operation, the materials to be crushed fall onto the impellers which are turning at high speeds. Here, centrifugal forces are produced by the high speed movement of the impellers facilitating the crushing of materials.
The materials are crushed by the impact they experience between the cabinet and rotating impeller and this occurs continously until they are completely crushed. When crushed, the materials get discharged from the bottom of the machine. The granulinity of the finished products is controlled by the sieve which allows the desires size of materials to pass through.

Features of Vertical Impact Crusher
1. It has excellent performance. End-products are very fine.
2. Safe to use and easy to operate i.e. is user friendly.
3. Smooth operation with low levels of noise.
4. Cheap to maintain, as they require minimum maintenance.
5. They adopt a heavy duty design.
6. They are long lasting (durable).
7. Standard replacement parts.
8. Are cost effective.
9. The finished products adopt a cubic shape.
10. They have a high productivity capacity.

As a vertical impact crusher manufacturer in China, Shanghai Tarzan mainly offer rolling mill, mining equipment, crushing machine, fertilizer equipment, cement equipment, sand making machine and so on. All of our products are well received in Vietnam, Bengal, Myanmar, Laos, Peru, Philippines, Iran, and India, etc. And our ISO9001:2000 certification and SGS certification can give you assurance of our quality. Please contact us if you want more details.

Specifications of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
Items Model Max Feeder Opening (mm) Motor Power (KW) Impeller Speed (r/min) Quantities (t/h) Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight (T)
PCL-600 30 20-35 2000-2470 20-35 2500×1600×2260 5.6
PCL-750 35 74-110 1500-2045 35-55 2780×1800×2700 7.3
PCL-900 40 110-180 1200-1685 55-100 3900×2160×2770 12.1
PCL-1050 45 180-264 1000-1430 90-160 4660×2450×3660 16.9
PCL-1250 45 264-370 850-1300 160-230 5600×2950×4000 22
PCL-1350 50 320-440 800-1185 200-260 5340×2940×3650 26
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