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Centrifugal Concentrator

Our water-jacket centrifugal concentrator is an ideal and energy-saving device used in gravity concentration. It is made up with ore pipe, rack, tailing launder, drive motor, vertical shaft and beneficiation component. The beneficiation device consists of an inner layer and an outer layer. Made of stainless steel, the inner cone is deigned with annular grizzly and small holes on the wall. The outer cone is made of common steel plate and it forms a sealing water jacket with the inner cone. Pressurized water will flow into the water jacket through the hollow transmission shaft, which makes the water spay into the grizzly through the small holes on the inner cone. As a result, backwash water is generated and its pressure is ranging from 0.03 to 0.06Mpa.

It features large capacity, large range of feed size and easy operation and maintenance. Its stroke is adjustable and frequency of stroke can be changed steplessly with electro-magnetic speed-adjustable motor.

It is extensively applied for separation of various ores such as gold, tin, tungsten, titanium and hematite. The concentrator is suitable for both roughing and fine separation. It is able to increase recovery of tin, tungsten, plumbum and zinc respectively by 3.01%, 5.5%, 1.63% and 2.04%. It also manages to reduce water consumption by 30 to 40 percent and cut down cover area by one third. The performance of our concentrator has already ranks the leading level in China.

Technical Parameters
Capacity (t/h) 0-0.6 2-3 8-12 35-45 70-80
Backwash Water (m3/h) 2-3 3-5 7-10 30-36 55-80
Water Consumption for Ore Pulp (m3/h) 1.5-4 5-7 8-12 35-50 70-120
Feed Concentration (%) 0-50 0-50 0-50 0-50 0-50
Feed Size (mm) 0-3 0-3 0-5 0-5 0-5
Collecting Concentrate Cycle Vein Gold : 1-3/ hour, Placer Gold 2-6/ hour
Discharge Quantity of Concentrate Per Time (kg) 2 10-20 30-40 60-70 80-90
Motor Power (Kw) 0.75 1.5 4 11 22
Approximate Shipping Weight (Kg) 145 400 1000 1500 2000
Approximate Packaging Dimension (mm) 790*785*790 1180*1140*1250 1970*1670*1750 2300*1800*2200 2400*2000*2300
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