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Dry Magnetic Separator

Dry magnetic separator is a new device which has just been designed in recent years. It features no water consumption, no pollution, no agglomeration, thorough separation, few tailings, high concentrate grade and low cost. The separator requires no magnetizing current and it only consumes a small quantity of electricity energy during working. Hence, the operating cost is very low.

In the separator, an open type and swingable composite magnetic system is applied and it is made of high-performance rare earth-NdFeB materials and high quality ferrite. Through delicate design, the magnetic system is able to ensure that the maximum magnetic intensity of the separation zones in the barrel reaches to over 0.8T, which is 3 to 5 times of a conventional medium magnetic engine. The magnetic intensity of the separation zone is as high as that of a strong magnetic separator. With the magnetic system, both magnetic turning intensity and speed are boosted greatly, thus further improving separation efficiency. As a result, the system helps to increase capacity, prevent material clogging , enhance purification efficiency, boost concentrate grade and reduce tailings remaining. The magnetic system is protected by the barrel and it won’t contact with the materials directly. The dynamic magnetic system also enables magnetic minerals to slide and tumble on the surface of the barrel, thus sweeping the barrel surface. In addition, the materials won’t cling to the barrel.

Dry magnetic separator is applicable for various working environment and it becomes more and more popular.

Technical Parameters
Barrel Diameter 1050 900 750 600 400
Barrel Length 1200 1800 2400 1200 1800 2400 1200 1800 2400 1200 1800 2400 600 900 1200
Capacity ( t/h) 40-60 70-90 100-120 20-40 50-70 80-160 15-30 45-60 65-80 10-15 15-25 25-30 3-5 6-10 10-15
Rotating Speed of Barrel 20-25 25-28 28-30 35-40 40-45
Filed Intensity of Barrel Surface (MD B N) 2000-5000 2000-5000 2000-5000 2000-5000 2000-5000
Motor Power 7.5-5.5kw 5.5-4kw 4-3kw 3kw 1.5-2kw
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