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Cement Cyclone Preheater

Cement cyclone preheater is a device involving use of heat from matched kiln to increase the temperature of the cement processed. The accumulated rolling high-temperature air flow will be induced to the preheater to be used for multi-level suspension preheating. The raw material will be sufficiently preheated and part of it will be decomposed in the preheater. In addition, the preheater will push the raw material into the kiln and then make it fully blended with the hot air flow in the kiln. As a result, heat exchange efficiency and production efficiency are improved significantly. Energy consumption is also reduced considerably, thus decreasing the length of the kiln barrel required. Furthermore, cover area of the whole set of burning equipment is decreased.

Technical Parameters
Product Name Model Clinker Capacity(t/d ) Fuel
Cement Cyclone Preheater RX5/280 280 Coal Powder, Nature Gas, Heavy Oil
RX5/300 300
RF5/500 (KSV-5 )5 level 500
RF5/600 (KSV-5 )5 level 600
RF5/800 (KSV-5 )5 level 800
RF5/1000 (KSV-5 )5 level 1000
RF5/1200(N-MFC)5 level 1200
RF5/1200 (DD furnace) level 1200
RF5/1800 (RSP ) level 1800
RF5/2000 (KSV-5 )5 level 2000
RF5/2500 (KSV-5 ) 5 level 2500
RF5/2500 (DD furnace)5 level 2500
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