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Fertilizer Equipment

Introduction to Compound Fertilizer Production Equipment:
Our fertilizer equipment is made up of disc mixers, belt conveyor, vertical crusher, disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, rotary cooler, rotary dryer, elevator, packaging machines, high-temperature materials drying equipment and fertilizer coating equipment. These devices are all manufactured in accordance with the standards of Ministry of Chemical Industry.

    1. Disc PelletizerPelletizing is the process of compressing or molding a material into the shape of a pellet. Our disc pelletizer is designed with three discharge chutes, which allows for intermittent production.
    1. Granulation DrumOur granulation drum is fitted with either special rubber-made lining or acid-resistant stainless steel-made lining, which are able to withstand corrosion and preserve heat.
    1. Screw Extrusion GranulatorDesigned with advanced technology, our screw extrusion granulator has proven its effectiveness in many areas. The product is able to produce pellets with diameter ranging from 2.8 to 20mm in one operation without involving any drying process.

As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we produce various types of fertilizer equipment with different capacities for you to choose. The capacities include: 10,000 tons, 20,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons, 80,000 tons, and 10 million tons.
For 1-10 million tons compound fertilizer equipment, we can provide installation assistance, debug the equipment, and train your technical personnel on-site.

The three-in-one rotary drum machine is a patented product of our factory which has many functions including drying, secondary granulating and cooling, and classifying materials, etc.
Its compact structure enables it to occupy a small area. Its features include reliable performance, low broken rate of finished products, comfortable operating environment, low cost and environmental protection, etc.
These desireable features make it quite suitable for the production of all types of mixed fertilizers of high, medium and low concentrations.

As an important equipment in the compound fertilizer production line, the double-roll granulator has the advantages of having a reasonable design, compact structure, practical applicability and low consumption, etc. It can be used independently or matched with other equipment.
Its annual output can be 150,000 tons or 300,000 tons.
The machine adopts a non-drying process, one-time granulating process and can work under normal temperature. This makes it energy-saving and applicable to all kinds of compound fertilizer industries.

Features and Applications of Fertilizer Equipment
Our fertilizer equipment has many advantages including stability while running, low malfunction rate, and minimum maintenance needs, etc.
It can be used in the production of inorganic fertilizers of high, medium and low content as well as organic compound fertilizers. It is applicable in compound fertilizer factories, general calcium granulating factories, waste disposal factories and sewage treatment factories.
Its reliable quality, low price and versatility made it popular in Vietnam, Bengal, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Peru, Iran, India and more.

Detailed Flow of Production Line
By using advanced technology, Tarzan(shanghai)Machinery Technology Co.,LTD. strives to produce high-quality products and excellent services at reasonable prices for our customers. Our products have all passed ISO9001:2000 certification and SGS certification. We welcome worldwide users of fertilizer equipment to visit our company.
If you are interested in our Compound Fertilizer Production Equipment, please contact us for more details.

Disc Granulator:
Disc granulator has the following characteristics:high

granulating rate, homogeneous grain, high strength, convenient operation and easy maintenance, etc. The slope degree of its pan is adjustable, and the amplitude ranges from 40° to 55°.
It is ideal for small scale fertilizer production of medium and low concentration.

Driven by a motor, the pan revolves at a certain angle with the horizongtal plane. Friction between the powder and the pan causes the powder rise, but gravity makes it fall back down. Meanwhile, centrifugal forces makes the powder fly to the edge of the pan. The combination of these three forces will make the powder roll in a certain trace. It will then be gradually granulated into the required size and fall off at the edge of the pan.

Drum Granulator:
The cylindrical body of our drum granulator is made of a special stainless steel or rubber plate lining.
Our drum granulator has the features of high productivity, high intensity of granule, low energy consumption, erosion proof, abrasion proof, long service life, convenient operation and easy maintenance, etc. It is suitable for large scale fertilizer production of high, medium and low concentrations.

Remark: if the process and raw material are different, it will affect the yield, grain rate and the diameter of the grain.