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Screw Extrusion Granulator

Designed with advanced technology, our screw extrusion granulator has proven its effectiveness in many areas. The product is able to produce pellets with diameter ranging from 2.8 to 20mm in one operation without involving any drying process. The granulator can be applied for production of fertilizers with different types and various concentration. The fertilizers here include compound fertilizers and regularly and irregularly shaped potassic fertilizer.

The granulator is widely adopted for production of compound fertilizer, fodder, coal, raw materials in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and metallurgical industry. It is especially suitable for pelletizing of single-component materials such as ammonium chloride,thiamine,granule ammonium carbonate, rare earth, potassium chloride,phosphatic fertilizer,potassium sulphate, and salt, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Motor Power (kw) Capacity( t/h ) Reducer Model
DZLG11 11 1-1.5 BW33-250
DZLG18.5 18.5 1-2.5 BW33-350
DZLG22 22 2-3 BW33-400
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