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Scheelite Separation Line

Generally, different methods will be adopted for beneficiation of different kinds of minerals or ores with different characteristics. Scheelite can be beneficiated using gravity concentration, magnetic separation as well as flotation. Deposit of high floatability, scheelite usually contains various calcic gangue minerals with similar characteristics as itself, which makes flotation extremely complex and difficult. Hence, the production of a scheelite separation line is super demanding and challenging. Nevertheless, our scheelite separation line is suitable for beneficiation of complicated scheelite containing kinds of metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals and involving paragenesis between valuable minerals and gangue minerals.

Application Case
In a scheelite mine in Hunan, the original content of scheelite is about 0.35 percent. The scheelite features complex mineral composition, small dissemination particle size, high content of fluorite and presence of minerals rich in calcium and iron, which greatly hinders scheelite flotation. The concentrating plant tried to separate scheelite using flotation technique. The scheelite went through one roughing, four concentrating and two scavenging. However, the final concentrate grade was just about 55 percent. Moreover, their method led to serious waste of resources and labor.

Later, they found us. After studying and analyzing the characteristics of the scheelite, we made some technical improvements which involved combination between a centrifugal machine and flotation method. A a result, our scheme contributed to higher concentrate grade and higher recovery rate of fine particles. In addition, impact the slurry in the scheelite imposed on separation process has been significantly alleviated as well.

Technical indexes before and after improvement are listed in the table below.

Before and After Improvement
Technique Concentrate Grade /% Recovery /%
Before Flotation 57.85 88.18
After Centrifugal Machine and Flotation
62.59 93.26
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