Linear Vibrating Screen

This SZF linear vibrating screen is equipped with the vibrating motor excitation, which can toss the materials in the sieve and meanwhile convey them in straight line.
Thus it can evenly send the materials into the feeding hole.
With the multi-layer in it, the materials under or up the sieve can be generated according to their respectively export separately.

1. The linear vibrating screen is a low-energy screen but with high output.
2. With its simple structure, the screen is easy in maintenance.
3. The vibrating screen is designed with full-closed structure.
4. No dust diffusion
5. As a result of its automatic nesting, thevibrating screen is more suitable for assembly line operations.

The linear vibrating screen is extensively used in the selection and classification for powder, granular materials.
Additionally, it is also widely used in many industrial fields like plastics, abrasives, chemicals, medicine, building materials, food, carbon, fertilizer and so on.

Export countries
India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ecuador, Iran, Pakistan, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and areas.

Technical Parameters
Type ZS612 ZS618 ZS1030 ZS1230 ZS1535 ZS1845
Screen pore size(mm) 600×1200 600×1800 1000×3000 1200×3000 1500×3500 1800×4500
Material granularity(mm) 0.074-60 0.074-60 0.074-60 0.074-60 0.074-60 0.074-60
Screen side obliquity(°) 1-7 1-7 1-7 1-7 1-7 1-7
Layer 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4
Motor Power(kw) 2×0.37 2×0.37 2×0.75 2×1.1 2×1.5 2×2.2
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