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Coal Slime Drying Machine

Our coal slime drying machine is a new type dryer exclusive for coal slime, which is developed based on roller dryer. It is widely applied in many areas. In mining industry, it is suitable for drying of coal slime, raw coal, coal concentrate obtained during flotation and mixed coal concentrate. In construction industry, it is primarily used to dry blast furnace slag, clay, moist soil, limestone, sand and quartz. It also can be adopted for dehydration of metal concentrate, waste residue and tailings in mineral separation industry. Moreover, it is applicable for drying of non-thermal sensitive materials in chemical industry.

Working Principle
First, wet material is delivered into the hopper by the belt conveyor or the bucket elevator. Then feeding device will bring the material from the hopper into feeding pipeline, which further pushes the material to the feed inlet. The pipeline should be slightly more inclined than nature inclination of the material particles.
The rotary barrel is slightly inclined in horizontal level. Wet material enters the barrel from the relatively higher end, while heating medium enters from the lower end to form countercurrent contact. Sometimes, the material and the heating medium come in with parallel flows. Driven by gravity, the material will move to the lower end during rotation of the barrel. It will be heated directly or indirectly by the heating medium during moving forwards. At last, properly dried material leaves from the discharge chute and then be delivered to next machine or procedure by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor.

1.The coal slime drying machine features strong anti-overload ability, large capacity, small fuel consumption and low production cost.
2. In concurrent drying mode, high-temperature gas and wet material enter the barrel from the same end. With high evaporation intensity, the gas is able to heat and dry the wet material quickly. As a result, thermal efficiency can be greatly enhanced. In addition, the temperature of the discharge outlet is low, which facilities the transportation of finished product.
3. Technical parameters of the dryer are variable in accordance with different material characteristics. The dryer designed with proper parameters is able to ensure full-section material screen, which contributes to more sufficient heat exchange.
4. New feed and discharge devices completely eliminate feed clog, discontinuous and uneven feed or discharge and return of material, thus decreasing the load for dust removal system.
5. The new interior structure facilities cleaning of disperse material and improves heat exchange efficiency. It is able to prevent the material clinging to the internal surface of the barrel. Hence, the dryer is still applicable even if the material is sticky or contains more water.
6. The drying machine features zero horizontal thrust, thus significantly reducing wear of catch wheels. In return, the catch wheels ensures stable operation of the barrel.
7. Self-aligning supporting wheels adopted always stay line contact with the rotary barrel, which decreases wear and reduces energy consumption significantly.
8. The target size and final water content can be adjustable based on user’ requirements. The final dried coal slime contains less than 8 percent of water and the final size can be smaller than 8mm.

Technical Parameters
Model I.D.(M) Length (M) Power (kw) Rotating Speed(r/min) Overall Dimension(m)
MGT1060 1.0 6 4 3-6 6×1.9×2.1
MGT1080 8 5.5 8×1.9×2.1
MGT10100 10 10×1.9×2.1
MGT1260 1.2 6 6×2.2×2.5
MGT1280 8 8×1.9×2.1
MGT12100 10 7.5 10×1.9×2.1
MGT12120 12 12×1.9×2.1
MGT1580 1.5 8 11 8×2.6×2.8
MGT15100 10 10×2.6×2.8
MGT15120 12 15 12×2.6×2.8
MGT15140 14 14×2.6×2.8
MGT18100 1.8 10 10×3.0×3.0
MGT18120 12 18.5 12×3.0×3.0
MGT18140 14 14×3.0×3.0
MGT18180 18 22 18×3.0×3.0
MGT20180 2.0 18 22 18×3.2×3.2
MGT22120 2.2 12 30 12×3.6×3.6
MGT22140 14 14×3.6×3.6
MGT22180 18 18×4.0×3.8
MGT22200 20 20×4.0×3.8
MGT24140 2.4 14 14×4.0×3.8
MGT24180 18 18×4.0×3.8
MGT24200 20 37 20×3.6×3.6
MGT24220 22 22×4.0×3.8
MGT28140 2.8 14 75 14×4.6×4.6
MGT28180 18 18×4.6×4.6
MGT30200 3.0 20 110 20×5.0×5.0
MGT32180 3.2 18 132 18×8.0×7.0
MGT32200 20 20×8.0×7.0
MGT34200 3.4 20 150 20×5.2×5.7
MGT36300 3.6 30 200 30×5.6×5.6

Note: If moisture is more than 60%, the material should be handled by dewaterer before entering the dryer for bigger capacity and better efficiency.

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